Nottingham Premium Room - 82 - Televisions, Monitors & Accessories Closed (#160236426)

Optional Home Delivery - Viewing: Wednesday 22nd November - 9am - 12pm.

Ends: Thursday 23rd Nov from 2pm - Retail returns, overstocks, and ex-display goods - Auction to include smart TVs, monitors, soundbars, tool boxes, and much more...

Location: John Pye Auctions, Premium Room, James Shipstone House, Radford Road, New Basford, NG7 7EA

Saleroom Location

  First Lot Closes 11/23/2023 2:00:00 PM (# of Lots: 113)
25 %  Buyers Premium + 20% VAT - All Prices Listed in GBP
This auction event is closed.